Ticket Checklist


You can now create Checklists inside Zendesk Support in a more productive and secure way.

By far the easiest Checklist solution to install on Zendesk Support. Our app doesn't store Zendesk Support ticket information in our services and we don't require any type of access to your instance.

Available on five different languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese), our team proudly presents the mainly features:

  • Checklist

    You can add, inline edit, drag and remove items on the Checklist, keeping the progress always updated. You can create a new Zendesk Support ticket from a Checklist item.

    A tag ("ticket_checklist_completed") is added to the Zendesk Support ticket everytime the Checklist is completed. Feel free to use this tag for your triggers and automations you need.

    Soon, you will be able to link Zendesk Support tickets to Checklist items.

  • Filters

    Filter your items by status.

  • Operations

    From checking all items to import a Preset (Reusable Checklist), the Ticket Checklist operations gives you the opportunity to manage your Checklist in different ways.

    We support the Checklist exportation in two different formats: CSV and PDF.

  • Share Progress

    Feel free to share the Checklist Progress with your customer or colleagues easily.

  • Import from Preset

    Presets are like reusable Checklists that you can import in a ticket you need. Also, it's possible to use triggers and automations to add a checklist automatically to a Zendesk Support ticket.

  • Create a Preset

    You can create the Presets you need for each Ticket Type, making them public or private. Add the Checklist Items you need and save time when creating a new ticket.

  • Automation

    Ticket Checklist ables you to create Triggers and Automation actions. You can enable all items, disable all items and import a Preset into a Ticket by using your automation favorite rules. You can easily improve your productivity.

  • Triggers and Automations

    Associate Ticket Checklist Automation actions to your Zendesk Support Triggers and Automations.

  • Settings

    If you need the Ticket Checklist just for a specific Ticket Types, you can configure it on the Settings. Also, you can configure Zendesk Support to prevent from closing tickets in case the Ticket Checklist isn't completed.